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On Monday evening, 13th July '09, members got together on the club evening and brought along a selection of carvings and artifacts as well as cabochons composed of and made from natural stone materials of various colours, all from their own private collections.

Here are some of the things that were on display.

Jeremy brought along this amazing piece depicting a crocodile and frog sitting on a rock, carved from a large solid block of multi-coloured fluorite from China.


A selection of carved malachite cats from Audrey and Roy's collection.


Another cat, this time carved from Tiger eye.



Some amazing eggs carved from some less common materials were on disply from Margaret's collection.

Two views of a crocoite egg showing partially cavernous areas with red crystals and a yellowish material (Vauquelinite?) from the famous Tasmanian deposits around Dundas.

Again, cavernous areas this time in a copper rich matrix material lined with crystals of Dioptase from Namibia.

Three views of a beautifully tinted blue fluorite egg from France with what appears to be inclusions of flattened, quartz crystals embedded within.

A rather unusual egg with a cavity partially filled with Stibnite crystals.

A Pair of "Book ends" (?)....

....and a bunch of grapes,
all made from various unspecified stone materials.




John brought in this very nice agate slice cut and polished both sides with a centre of drusy quartz crystal growth.... well as this exquisite polished carving in Mookaite (from Australia) of a group of surfing dolphins.



Ennis' display included various objet d'art including this intricately carved owl,

....a potato stone apple,

and a lighthouse carved from Serpentine from The Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall;


....and last of all a obelisk cut and polished jasper from Madagascar.